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Bull Finance is a multi-featured cryptocurrency exchange software. With support for multiple cryptocurrencies where you are able to host buying & selling with direct bank transfer, credit cards or any other supported payment gateways.

Bull Finance supports virtually almost all local currencies (FIAT) in the world with Bank Account listing for both local withdrawals and deposit, which is tradeable with the supported Cryptocurrencies in the system. Exchange rates for each local currencies is automatically sourced from a trusted exchange rates provider.

To comply with your local KYC & AML laws, it supports flexible KYC verification of your users, as well as the ability to limit trading volumes based on verification status.

Our goal for this system is to introduce as many features as we consider relevant for crypto traders, buyers and merchants. We also launch a fully functioning Giftcard marketplace, with checkout and payment fulfillment that utilizes the crypto trading payment account. So in other words, giftcard can be traded for crypto!

In the future we bring support to many other tokens, more payments gateway, peer to peer exchange, IOS and Android Apps and crypto payments for merchants.

Cryptocurrencies are a new world to many people and the best way to help them is education with knowledge. Aware of this, Bull Finance created a forum that allows these people to consult, ask and expose their problems to our growing community, and the get the help they need. With our community services we bring opportunities to every project and with the right partners we also can advise in many services to guide the project towards the best possible results.

Since we start we bring to all community our main platform, forum, markets, news, ico listing, ico lauchpad and ico foundraising. In the future we also bring a faucet portal and a user friendly portal to create your own token on Binance Smart Chain. Bull Finance is a ecosystem with a complete set of services for business and for the community and our token bullc feed all our ecosystem. If you have any questions about our project you are free to ask us by email, on our community social networks or by phone.

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